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“Through my 25 years as a real estate “artist,” I have had the opportunity to interact with some of the top attorney’s in the world in transactions ranging from $50,000 fixer-uppers to $50 million mansions. I’ve spent countless hours at the settlement table as a buyer, seller, borrower, lender and resolving disputes. Recently I had the good fortune of working with Christopher on a transaction. “Chris” certainly delivered on the three aspects I believe make for a successful attorney: He is a deal maker and not one to over complicate a transaction. He is fair to both sides of the deal  – he sits in both buyer and seller’s chair before rendering advice. Finally, he is more than reasonable with his fees. I don’t endorse many, but Christopher has my gold seal.”

~Frank McKinney
Best-Selling Author of 5 Books

“I was very fortunate to have hired Chris to handle my real estate transaction; he saved me a great deal of money, plus his final bill was more than generous.”

~Susan Gray
portrait painter & author
“Architects on Architects,” foreword Paul Goldberger.
“Designers on Designers,” foreword Albert Hadley” and “Writers on Directors,” foreword Leonard Maltin.